Weehawken Creative Arts Centers of Ouray County, Colorado

The Mission of Weehawken Creative Arts is to provide quality arts and cultural education and experiences to the visitors and residents of Ouray County year-round.

A Colorado Non-Profit Organization (501-c-3), Weehawken Creative Arts is an organization that offers arts and cultural classes, lectures and events to adults and children year-round in Ouray and Ridgway Colorado. We are Ouray County’s Arts Center.

Our organization is unique as it gives a broader definition of the arts that embraces
topics of importance to the local community and the culture of Ouray County residents.
As a result, Weehawken offers classes and programs that include: visual
arts, fine arts, fiber arts, photography, craftsman arts, creative writing, culinary arts,
children’s arts classes, horticulture, miscellaneous topics tied to the creative process,
and performing arts including a full dance program.

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