Weehawken Creative Arts Centers of Colorado

The Mission of Weehawken Creative Arts is to provide quality arts education and personal growth programs to the visitors and residents of Ouray County year-round.  

We are Ouray County’s Arts Education Centers, serving children and adults.

A Colorado Non-Profit Organization (501-c-3), Weehawken Creative Arts has served thousands of adults and children through arts, personal growth and performing arts classes and workshops since 2004.    Our programs are presently offered in Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton and Montrose, Colorado.

In addition, we offer incredible end-of-semester dance performances to the public, featuring our young dancers (ages 2.5-18) and guest dancers.  These shows are exciting for the general public, memorable because of their comprehensive nature, and magical because of the young talent and visible instruction.

Finally, through our special events, we bring the community into the art mediums tied to our educational programs.  Special events include:  Ouray ForkFest (April), The Ridgway Rendezvous Arts and Crafts Festival (August), the Sneffels Fiber Festival (September), the Annual Amateur Sculptor Contest (May), and much more.

Our organization prides itself on working collaboratively with other organizations in the region.  Partnerships have been forged with the Voyager Youth Program, the Sherbino Theater, The Wright Opera House, The Silverton School, Ouray County Performing Arts Guild, Ouray County Players, The Watch Newspapers, OCRA, The Ridgway Creative District and more.

One formal collaboration we encourage you to keep your eye on is the “Alpenglow Arts Alliance”.  Alpenglow Arts Alliance is an informal alliance of Ouray County based performing arts-focused organizations. As an alliance, our objective is to de-clutter the promotion of performing arts events in order that we may increase awareness of and participation in each, regardless of the sponsoring organization. Alpenglow acknowledges and celebrates the fact that we live in a small community. Our focus is to work more closely together such that the performing arts, and our community, can not just exist, but can thrive.  Learn more at www.alpenglowarts.com

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