Modernizing the Landscape with Claudia Hartley

July 14-16, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Modernize the landscape by using brighter colors and simplifying shapes. Students will learn how to mix acrylic paints to get pure beautiful colors, how to apply them to the canvas and how to create good composition.

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Claudia will demonstrate each day then give attention to the individual student. Students will work from photos of scenes. The first two days you will paint one or two paintings . The 3rd day will be "Experiment Day". All levels are welcome. Just come and be willing to explore color , shape and abstraction! We will do a critique at the end of each day. Join us for a 3 day acrylic workshop with Claudia Hartley, who joins us from Sedona AZ.  Claudia is an experienced and renowned painter. She says of herself:

The comment I hear most often about my paintings is “happy”.  I’ve loved art all of my life and it warms my heart to know that I’m able to pass that love and joy on to others.  I use color and shape to capture the wonders of the world around me.  My love affair with art began as a child, when my favorite present was a new box of Crayola crayons.    

Later my fascination with art was nurtured during my studies at The University of Georgia, where I acquired a BFA Degree in painting and drawing in 1963.  I married, raised two children and taught art during those years, eventually opening my own art school in Atlanta’s Buckhead area.  I painted for galleries, and became a member of the Atlanta Portrait Society.    

I moved to Arizona and painted the west for 14 years. I painted mostly scenes because it gave me an excuse to travel a 5 month road trip USA, and in Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Canada, etc.  My work and my vacation are one and the same.  After breaking my ankle while hiking alone in a National Forest in AZ, I decided to move closer to my two sons and 6 grandkids, in a beach house on Isle of Palms, SC, near one son, and Macon, GA, near my other son.  After 5 years of living back in the Southeast, I decided to move back to AZ.  Recently I moved to Sedona and am enjoying hiking, sketching and  painting.    

I count my blessings for a talent given to me by God as a gift at birth, that has brought me and others so much pleasure.

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