Paint the Fall Colors in Plein Air with Mike Simpson: 3 Day Workshop

October 3-5, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Plein air painting is nothing more than painting out of doors under natural light, usually associated with painting the landscape.

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Lately, a lot of attention has come to plain air painting, with festivals popping up all over the nation. Originally it was practiced to see the landscape under natural lighting conditions. There isn’t a camera lens made that can duplicate what the eye can see. Nothing compares to a painting done plein air. Come join nationally recognized local plein air painter Mike Simpson and learn how to "see" the landscape in front of you, how to determine a suitable motif, how to edit the subject material and how to begin.

This three day workshop offers you the chance to paint a number of different areas and views, and work one on one with Mike. This class isn’t medium specific. Pastel painters, watercolor, oil and acrylic are all suitable mediums to paint "en plain air”. All students are encouraged to bring the materials they are comfortable working with. Be prepared to be working in a somewhat portable fashion, out doors, on location, i.e. aside from painting supplies you will need sun screen, sun hat, umbrella if you have it. Water, insect repellent, lunch unless you will run back to town to eat. Mike will do a demo each day. You are welcome to paint with Mike or seek out your own spot and paint the view of your choosing. There will be plenty of one on one time and a different location in the Ridgway/Ouray area each day. Exact location will be determined at the time of class to maximize the offering of fall colors in the Aspens. Registration fo rthe 3 day workshop is $270.

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