Beyond Paint: Acrylic Art Techniques with Kellie Day

December 2, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

There are so many acrylic products beyond paint. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with the Gels, grounds and mediums available, this class will get you going.

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Join us for a day of pouring, scraping peeling and painting. We’ll create 3-4 “mini-projects” where you can create works of art like never before. If you like painting with acrylics, these are all tools that can enhance your current painting. Blow your socks off with techniques like acrylic-encaustic effects (without hot wax), making acrylic skins, transparent pours, creating textures with acrylic grounds, and combing all of this with painting. Have fun, get jiggy, and open your mind to the infinite possibilities of acrylics!

This class will run 10 am to 3 pm at Sherbino Theater, and registration is $150 and includes all materials. Class si limited to 10 students, so pre-registration is encouraged. 

About Kellie Day: I am an experiential artist, meaning, I develop a deep interaction with my subject before painting it. To paint snow-covered mountains, I first hike to the top and ski down. To paint aspen trees, I run through them in my sneakers, in a world of shimmering leaves. To paint ravens, I first have to see them fly overhead in a deep desert canyon, and hear the sound of their wings. These interactions with nature, these amazing moments, are what make me have to paint. I like the way words mix with images, and often add Chinese take-out containers, chocolate wrappers and torn pages of books to my paintings that can be serendipitous to the viewer. If you look closely, you?ll find all kinds of surprises. My artistic medium is mixed media on canvas. I love losing myself in collage and acrylic, and then adding pastel and india ink, handmade stamps, and all sorts of elements as I tear through boxed of scraps in my studio. I am constantly exploring the painting process and combining intuitive (unplanned) painting with premeditated painting. Most of my paintings are images that come to me as a result of something I experienced outdoors. I feel it?s my job to spread beauty and love in my lifetime. I have lived in Ridgway, Colorado since 1998. Before that I traveled to third world countries, climbed around the world and worked for the U.S. Forest Service surveying, fighting wildland fire, and being Wilderness Ranger in Alaska, Idaho, Arizona and California. When I'm not painting, I am raising my son and two rescue dogs and running my graphic design business, Dayzign Graphics, in Ridgway, Colorado.

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