Arcanum: The Mystery and Abandon of Asemic Writing with Kierstin Bridger

 January 27, 10:00 am-3:00 pm at Weehawken Ridgway

There’s more than one way to tell a story or to write a poem. Sometimes we have to shake ourselves out of our usual rhythms and modes.

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In this class we’ll look beyond dark and light, yin and yang, the quarrel of opposites and turn our attention towards other forms. We’ll consider anti-balance, and the inverse of what we know. We’ll explore the alchemy of the invisible poem, the gestural art known as asemic writing (a worldless, open semantic form) and prose works that sparkle with layers under layers; the palimpsest of deep image. Together we’ll uncover the arcs and mysteries that settle inside us when work is read aloud, when art and lyric combine. Let’s discover what happens when we travel with our discomfort until it begins to transform. There’s more than one way to tell a story or to write a poem. Sometimes we have to shake ourselves out of our usual rhythms and modes. We are all wired to make and create, to process the world’s joys and sorrows through our work. Our subconscious minds are often the best storytellers but we have to write, draw, paint, dream or play in order to coax the voice to the surface. We will write, read and discuss the place where lyric and story give way to the articulation of image and of voice. Among others, we will look closely at the work of artist Sam Roxas-Chua 姚 who Tyehimba Jess,Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, called a cartographer of language. We may even Skype him. Other artists and writers: Ann Dettmer, Jonannes S. Bjerg, Eugenia De Meo, Anne Carson, Robert Bly, Matthea Harvey. 

Registration is $75. Bring a fast pen and lots of paper. If mystery is a word you embrace you’ll like this workshop, if you want to open your work to new inspiration and invention, this class is for you. Beginner to advanced writers welcome. Kierstin will provide some calligraphy pens, brushes and ink, etc. If you have materials you’d like to experiment with feel free to bring them.

Kierstin Bridger is a Colorado writer and author of Demimonde (Lithic Press) which won the  2017 Women Writing The West's Willa Award for Poetry.  All Ember (Urban Farmhouse Press) is her full collection. Bridger has won the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize, the 2015 ACC Writer’s Studio award, and was short-listed for the Manchester Poetry Competition in the UK. She is  is both editor of Ridgway Alley Poems and Co-Director of Open Bard Poetry Series. She co-hosts Poetry Voice with poet Uche Ogbuji. Find more of her work in December, Prairie Schooner and Painted Bride Quarterly. She earned her MFA at Pacific University.

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