ARTbar: Mixed Media with a Splash of Watercolor with Kellie Day

Mix up your art skills with a fun combo on April 11! Add a splash of watercolor to your mixed media creation with Kellie Day. At Weehawken and Sherbino's ARTbar we strive to provide a positive, creative outlet in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our hope is to inspire the community to discover their imaginative side and cross the bar into other dimensions of creativity. The classes we offer require no experience (and of course, liquid inspiration will also be available!). Open your door to creativity and give it a shot! $40 includes instruction, all materials, a drink AND you'll go home with your very own masterpiece! Learn to add all the beauty of watercolor washes to your mixed media paintings in this colorful class. Local artist Kellie Day will take you through creating a lovely and colorful painting on canvas with watercolor washes, and then add all the fun of acrylic, collage, pastel and illustration to tie it together. You’ll come home with a sweet little painting of your own. No experience or talent necessary! Just show up with your smiles on.

Jump Start Spanish in Ridgway with Señora Christi Berry

Jump Start Spanish is an interactive, beginning level Spanish course for those interested in speaking Spanish in everyday life. Students will learn many common terms used in real-life situations, how to ask and answer common questions in order to communicate information, as well as build relationships. The instructor will help students build their Spanish vocabulary and conversation skills by using the TPR method, pictures, native-pronunciations, readings, and role plays as tools. Active participation is required! Registration for the 4 week course is $130 and is open to ages 13 and up. We encourage families to attend together and build their foreign language skills! 

The Business of Art: Growing Into An Artist's Life with Patricia Morrison

Inner Fire, Outer Light helps overwhelmed and under-valued working artists, writers, musicians and other creative professionals to make a living, make a life and make a difference in the world with their gifts and visions.

Another segment in our "The Business of Art" series, we are excited to ofer this unique afternoon workshop with Patricia Morrison of Inner Fire, Outer Light to help artists find work/life balance that leads to more successful use of time and creativity, being presented at the Sherbino Theater April 30 from 12-5 pm.

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An Invitation to Play With Energy with Michele Follis

Do you like to play with energy? Would like to learn?

This is an invitation to experience an energetic Body Process through the work of Access Consciousness®. Access Consciousness Body Processes are simply amazing. The one we will work with focuses on the planet and communion with all things. The earth is asking to be nurtured and so are our bodies. There is something truly beautiful and potent when we connect with our bodies and receive energies that are available. The vibration we choose to BE in the world does matter, perhaps now more than ever. What if by running this process we could offer to heal our bodies and the earth?

Living with Uncertainty: A poetry discussion series with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Messy. Mysterious. Unruly. The world we live in is anything but easy to pin down—and in fact, that’s what poets have been writing about for centuries. In this four-week discussion class, we will read poets from across cultures and centuries who drew strength from, as Adrienne Rich says, “the great muscle of metaphor” to launch their poems and their understanding of the world into the vast realm of possibility. We’ll read poems that lead us deeper into paradox, poems that help us connect to the world around us, squirrely and unpredictable as it is.

Join us for this 4 week series starting Wednesday April 26 from 12-2 pm at Weehawken Ridgway. No materials needed but an open mind. Registration for the 4 week series is $130.

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