Welcome to Weehawken Dance Fall Program 2016!

The 2016 Fall dance session runs for 12-weeks beginning the week of September 12th and ending with a performance of "The Polar Express" December 16th and 17th at the Montrose Pavilion. Parents and audience members alike will thoroughly enjoy watching this Christmas production with choreography showcasing our dancers and what they have learned in class throughout the semester.

New to Weehawken Dance? Want to know what it's all about? NEW students are welcome to try a class the first week free!

All students must enroll either prior to the program beginning or at the first class in person. Enrollments are not accepted after the third week (September 26-30) of the session unless special approval is granted by the Artistic Director. The schedule offers a wide variety of styles, ages, and locations. Please review the schedule for specifics (below - each class is a live-link to the registration page as well).

For more information on Weehawken Dance policies, Lead Audition Dates, Ballet Uniform Information, Studio Etiquette, Semester Dates to Remember, Company Dance Info, etc, click here.

Note: The Fall 2016 complete schedule is listed below click on each class for more information or download this pdf document!    

Parent Information for Performance Details and Peformance Preparation:

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"Getting Ready for the Show" PDF Document                         PRE-ORDER your DVD of "The Polar Express HERE!


Mondays in Ouray at Hypoxia Gym

5:30-6:30       Beginner /Intermediate Silks with Miss Natasha and Miss Kendra

5:30-7:00       Intermediate / Advanced Silks with Miss Natasha and Miss Kendra


Mondays in Ridgway at Weehawken Dance Studio

4:00-4:30            Pre-/Pointe for level 3 with Miss Autumn

4:30-5:45             Ballet 3/4 with Miss Autumn

5:45-6:30            Ballet 4 Pointe with Miss Autumn


Mondays in Montrose at Weehawken Dance Studio

10 am-10:45  Pre-Ballet with Miss Leeann (ages 2.5-5)

3:45-4:30       Primary Ballet Miss Leeann

4:30-5:30       Ballet 1/2 with Miss Wendy (ages 8-10)

5:30-6:30       Intermediate Hip-Hop with Miss Valerie (ages 8-11)

6:30-7:30       Advanced Hip Hop with Miss Valerie (ages 12 and up)



Tuesdays in Ouray at Wright Opera House

4:00-5:00       Kid’s Hip Hop and Tap Level 1 with Miss Kendra (ages 6-8)

5:00-6:00       Kid’s Jazz and Hip-Hop Level 2 with Miss Kendra (ages 9 and up)


Tuesdays in Ridgway at Weehawken Dance Studio

4:00-4:45       Pre-Ballet with Miss Emma (ages 2.5-5)

5:00-6:00       Scheduled Rehearsals with Miss Caroline

6:00-8:00       Ballet Level 5/6 Class with Miss Caroline (with instructor approval)


Tuesdays in Montrose at Weehawken Dance Studio

3:45-4:45       Wee/Jr CO with Miss Natasha (4-8th grade)

4:45-6:00       Sr. Co with Miss Natasha (grades 9-12, or with instructor approval)

6:00-8:00       Ballet 4/5 with Miss Natasha (with instructor approval)



Wednesdays in Ouray at Wright Opera House

4:00-4:45       Pre-ballet with Miss Melissa (ages 2.5-5)

4:45-5:30       Primary ballet with Miss Melissa (ages 5-7)

5:30-6:30       Ballet 1/2 and Modern with Miss Melissa (ages 8-11)


Wednesdays in Ridgway at Weehawken Dance Studio

2:45-3:45       Ballet 1/2 (Ages 8-10) with Miss Natasha

4:00-5:00       Kid’s Hip-Hop Tap Level 2 with Miss Kendra (ages 8 and up)

5:00-6:15       Wee & Jr Co with Miss Kendra & Nat (grades 6-8)

6:15-7:45       Sr Co Miss Natasha (grades 9-12, or with instructor approval)


Wednesdays in Ridgway at Weehawken Little Studio

4:00-4:45       Primary Ballet with Miss Natasha (ages 5-8)


Wednesdays in Montrose at Weehawken Dance Studio

2:45-3:30       Pre-Ballet with Miss Leeann

3:30-4:30       Poms/Cheer Funk with Miss Valerie (ages 9 and up)

4:30-6:00       Ballet 3/4 with Miss Caroline (ages 10 and up)

6:00-8:00       Ballet 4/5 with Miss Caroline (with instructor approval)



Thursdays in Ridgway at Weehawken Dance Studio

5:00-6:30       Ballet 3/4 with Miss Natasha & Autumn (ages 10-14 approval)

6:30-8:30       Ballet 5/6 with Miss Natasha & Autumn (ages 14+)


Thursdays in Montrose at Weehawken Montrose

4:00-5:00       Wee little Hip Hop with Miss Leeann (ages 4-7) and Emma Story

5:00-5:45       Pre-Ballet with Miss Leeann (ages 2.5-5)


Fridays in Montrose at Weehawken Montrose

3:45-4:30         Primary ballet (ages 5-7) with Miss Natasha and Joy

4:30-5:30         Tap/jazz (ages 5-8) with Miss Natasha

5:30-6:30         Ballet 1/2 (ages 7.5 -9) with Miss Natasha and Jossie Gross

6:30-8:00         Ballet 3/4 (ages 10-14) with Miss Natasha

8:00-8:30         Pre-Pointe/Pointe (by approval) with Miss Natasha

Weehawken Dance Calendars

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  • Show Rehearsal

Classroom Locations

* It’s important to know that some classes may be held in other locations that may not be listed below. Locations will be specified accordingly in class descriptions.

Weehawken Ridgway

Primary staff office
1075 Sherman Street
Ridgway, CO 81432
(970) 318-0150

The Sherbino Theater

604 Clinton Street
Ridgway, CO 81432

Hypoxia Gym

1900 550 Uncompahgre National Forest
Ouray, CO 81432

Weehawken Montrose

310 S 9th Street
Montrose, CO 81401

Wright Opera House

472 Main Street
Ouray, CO 81427